im surya
i like drawing tits n ass

may or may not be studying architecture in some kind of studying architecture place

i use clip studio paint, revit, sketchup, and twinmotion

commission info

You can pay me to make practically any image you wish.



  • Ships

  • Any fandom and any OCs, as long as references are provided

  • Nudity

  • Furries

  • Mechas

  • Yourself!


  • Fetish and pornographic material

  • Political campaign material

  • Pruhun


  1. I reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason.

  2. Paypal payments only.

  3. I will confirm your forms via email. However, you can contact via other means such as discord (peteradnan#7549), instagram dms, twitter dms, and tumblr dms. I'm active on those platforms in that order.


  1. Personal use only: You can't use my images commercially i.e. print them on things and sell them. Personal branding i.e. slapping it on your Youtube channel is ok.

  2. My images are still mine: I still retain the full right to do anything I want to the image you paid for; post it on any platform, put it on an artbook, print it on sticker paper and stick it on my bum, etc. If you don't want to be associated with the image, mention that you'd like to be anonymous on the additional details box in the form.


  1. I send you an email with confirmation of your slot and an invoice

  2. You pay the invoice partially, I only start the sketch after this partial payment

  3. I email you a roughly coloured sketch of your commission

  4. You point out parts you want revised. This may take place over email or discord/instagram/twitter/tumblr

  5. I email you a thumbnail of the finished image

  6. POINT OF NO RETURN: this is your last chance at cancelling and getting refunded!

  7. You point out parts you want revised: this is your last revision chance!

  8. I email you a low res revised image

  9. You complete the invoice payment: I won't be refunding you after you complete the payment in full

  10. I email you the full image

  11. Congrats! You Now Have An Image: I will post the image on social platforms as well.